Historical Heroes is set of chess pieces in which the different pieces are designed
for its function in the game. In this way the child will get to know the different pieces faster
and be able to recognize the different personalities quickly, even from all angles.

Case: Facilitate for children in the age from 5 to 10 to start playing chess, mainly by introducing it during school hours. The chess pieces shall be injection molded in plastic with a production cost of maximum NOK 50 (€ 6,5) per set. The set was supposed to be produced in a series of at least 500,000 sets.

The pieces: We chose to focus on the chess pieces special character features during the creation of our pieces. This way we could really separate them from

each other and give them a more playful look. The appearance of each piece is based on the characteristic features of the piece, how it’s a part of the game and its movement pattern. We thought of the king as passive and lazy. The game is about catching him, but he does little of the work himself. The Queen on the other hand is active and smart, while still being challenging.

The costs: To get thee chess games into the schools, the costs have to be at a

bare minimum. We solved this by printing the pieces in halves. This lowers the costs of production and at the same time it could be fun for the kids to puzzle the pieces together themselves.

The chessboard: We choose to make the chessboard as a half stiff canvas, by rolling it together and placing lid on each side, this also works as box for the chess pieces which simplifies transport of the game.

Target audience:
Kids, age 5-10
Manufacturing Technology Spring 2011
3d Program:
Injection molding in plastic
Course responsible:
Steinar Killi
Group: Sara Svennevik, Simon Søgnen Tveit, Sven Håkon Voldum, Natalia Tunheim