• rainblow3

This is a playable app for ipad devices,
it is fun, easy to learn and it never ends

Case: make a playable app for ipad devices, it shall be
easy to understand and fun over a longer time. This is a four week project and
the end result was working prototype

Consept: the object of the game is to shoot colored cubes,
trying to hit the cubes of the same color. The cubes will then explode. By tilting
the device you will be able to see the cluster of cubes from all the different
angles, you can also shoot from all these angles. The game consists of different
levels and as you complete the levels the difficulty increases.The idea development
was done in a collaboration between both of us, we used blender for the development
of the elements. I was responsible for the background and Lucien for the cubes.
Gareth Bushel did all of the coding.

Context: Interaction design, screens, master cours, oslo school of architecture and design
Target audience: ipad users that play games
Tecnique: Blender, film
Course: Screens, master course
Course responsible: Mosse Sjaastad
Supervisors: Gareth Bushell
Group: Lucien Skånseng and Sara Svennevik