A family bottle for squash from Lerum. That has the proud recognizable
shoulder of Lerum, with unique grip possibilities in its form of fruits.

Case:Lerum wants to add a family bottle in their assortment of squash types. This shall be a squash
with a mixture of berries and fruits.The bottle shall be cast molded and hold about 1.5 liters in
the same time as it is attractive and adaptive to all family members.

This is a combination of fruit and berries in a family bottle. The bottle has
the recognizable “Lerum shoulder” combine with a whit a unique grip possibility.

Facts: Lerum has produced goods to Norwegian household projections since 1907. It is a family company with factories in Sogndal. Lerum produces juice, jam and squash on a nationwide basis. Quality is important. This should be reflected in product content and packaging. Lerum base their products on tradition, renewal and good ingredients.
The process: 
This project involved squash bottles from the Norwegian company Lerum. For this assignment we had to do a lot of squash tasting and product research. Lerum wanted their bottle to radiate proud emotions. As one of their slogans “The most berries in a bottle”. We decided to add 3 value words in addition to this to hve something to build our design on. The words were enjoyment, safety and nature.
Clay: We sketched a lot in clay during the development of this bottles expression. Clay is particularly useful to get a full size bottle to see how it’s going to turn out in 3D, something you just can’t achieve by sketching on a piece of paper. We used a type of clay that’s used when you make clay models of cars. You have to heat it up to be able to work with it and after being in room temperature for a while it hardens. This type of clay is easy to work with and it’s no problem to remold if you are unhappy with something.
The name: We chose to call our bottle “Fruitberries”. Simply because it’s a bottle that contains fruit and berries. The bottle we ended on had a belt of fruit and berries across the bottle. This belt of berries helps the bottle to keep its stiffness and structure as well as providing a better grip. The name “Lerum” will be at the top of the bottle and the squash name with its ingredients label and other information at the bottom. This will be printed on a clear etiquette with white printing.
The bottle: The bottle is cast mold plastic PET. The bottle is also design The bottle is designed plane symmetric to let go of angles.

Target audience: Family
3d Program: Catia
Print: injection molding in plastic
Course: Manufacturing Technology Spring 2011
Context: GK3 Industridesign, Oslo School of Architecture and Design
Course responsible: Steinar Killi
Group: This project was a collaboration between myself and two fellow students: Hans Jakob Føsker, Alexander Kondrup