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We wanted to increase the quality of
life for people with dementia.

Case: How can we increase the quality of life for the people living with dementia at the nursing homes in Bærum municipality?

Background: Dementia is an umbrella term that describes a large group of symptoms that are caused by diseases that can affect the brain. In Norway, 71.000 people have the disease, and counting the next of kin almost 300.000 are affected. On a general basis, 80% of the people living in nursing homes are diagnosed with dementia. With the increased aging population, it is feared that the number of people with dementia will double by 2040 meaning a increased load on the nursing homes.

Focus: As the disease progresses, the people suffering from dementia experience a loss in quality of life. The public driven nursing homes are already struggling with manpower, and providing the best

service and home for all residents with dementia is a financial challenge. Quality of life is not a priority, but comes second after fulfilling the essential needs of the residents. That is why we wanted to focus on increasing the quality of life of the residents with dementia by offering more activities.

Solution: With limited resources and the existing system, it is challenging to implemenet any kind of activity. What the nursing homes need is not a new type of activity, but rather a service that facilitates for the implementation of activities. By including the next of kin and the employees to a greater extent, more activities can be conducted and more easily implemented.

The service has two main focus areas. The first is to include the next of kin to a greater extent. By doing so more activities can be conducted as more

people can help out. The second is a national network for nurses across the country. Here the nurses and employees can share their experiences of past conducted activites, and give inspiration to other nursing homes. By doing so, it is easier to implement and conduct new activities.
We hope that this service will strengthen the relationship between the employees, the next of kin and the residents with dementia in the nursing homes. The participants will spend their time together in a pleasant way, even if people with dementia forget easily the feeling of joy will still be left and they all have something to look forward to. The next of kin avoids the feeling of guilt, and by participating feel they contribute positively to their relatives’ last days. Overall, we hope that this service will increase the quality of life of the residents with dementia, their relatives and the employees.

Target audience: people with dementia
Tecnique: giga mapping(analouge and digital) inDesign, illustrator, photoshop, Film, aftereffects and premier pro
Course: System Oriented Design, master course, oslo school of architecture and design
Made in collaboration with Bærum Municipality.
Course responsible: Birger Sevaldsson
Group: Mariko Korioka Rhode and Sara Svennevik